About US

QILTON aims to not only be a qualified manufacturer, but also a helpful partner. We focus on understanding the needs, purpose, and application that the customer expects from the product, helping them to find the right direction and target, discussing every detail from specification design to component selection, and finally on optimization, how to make it even better. Our mission is to be your best partner. Always.

We aim to help our customers to develop products that best match their business goals.
The best way to accomplish this mission is to be the best partner possible, not at the
company level,but also for every Comnect team member. Our company culture is telling
the truth, trust and help each other, take things to the next level, think different and
flexible, and most importantly, be responsible.

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    If you require any level of support for us, please get in touch with us via the methods below:


    [email protected]

    XILI Street, NanShan District
    ShenZhen, China
    Marketing Office


    [email protected]

    Luxi Industrial Park, Pingxiang,

    JIANGXI, China
    Manufacture Factory